To best achieve our goal of a more resilient Cameron Parish, we need people who are willing to collaborate and create new ideas to push our mission forward. Our board consists of a small group of people who have stepped forward to lead Cameron to a brighter future.

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Stine Gift Cards for Reimbursements and Repairs for Businesses

In support of the residents and businesses faced with repairing and rebuilding structures in Cameron Parish, the Cameron Lions Club allocated $150,000 in donated recovery funds to purchase Stine Home & Yard gift cards, keeping the funding in hard hit Southwest Louisiana and with a business that offers a wide array of materials and supplies. Stine Home & Yard then reciprocated with $16,667 in additional gift cards, making it possible to provide $150 gift cards to 1,111 Cameron Parish residents. Funds allocated to this endeavor were donated to the Cameron Lions Club by Venture Global LNG, Kiewit, Cameron LNG, Sempra Energy, Weeks Marine, GE Oil & Gas/Baker Hughes, TC Energy, Commonwealth LNG, Bluewater Constructors and Emerson Isolation Valves.

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