Maeleigh Conner, Katie Armentor, Stephanie D. Rodrigue, Charley Lemons, Shelly Granger, Penelope Richard, Ashley Kelley Buller, Amy Miller, Danette Hayden, Casie Haynie, Heather Trahan, Rhonda Morrison, Scott Lavergne, Wendy Harrignton, Geralyn Myers, Emily Stine, Rene Escuriex, Robin Morales, Hagyn Miller (did not get attendance of online attendees)

Next meeting:
June 2nd, 2021 @ West Annex from 11am-1pm

  • Katie A. discussed plan for group and original idea of what the hopes were.
  • Talked about by law emails and asked the group if they would like to vote on them today or start a committee to make revision. Stephanie R. moved to have committee, Shelley G. seconded. Rhonda M., Penelope R., Stephanie R., Rene E., volunteered for board. Scott moved to approve that board, Heather T. seconded.
  • Katie A. mentioned “resiliency” & “revitalization” for name. Rhonda M. moved to use “Revitalization”, Penelope R. seconded.
  • Katie A. opened the floor for Chair & Vice Chair nominations. Stephanie R. nominated Ashley Buller for president, Wendy H. seconded. Butch nominated Danny H. for Vice Chair, Penelope R. seconded
  • Katie called upon Stephanie R. to present “Stine Project” to board, this project is through Venture Global. Shelley moved to continue forward with the project, Wendy H. seconded. Katie suggested there be a board for the project. Robin M., Hagan M., Shelley G,. Danny H., Stephanie R., agreed to be on committee. Butch moved to approve the board, Ashley B. seconded.
  • Board agreed next meeting will be June 2nd, 2021 at the West Annex Building from 11am-1pm.